Hey everyone,

I thought it would be fun to throw an easter egg on the island and plan to add more in the future. So, there is a house in North Island, near the SixaraTM Gaming compound in Hidden Lake. This house sits by its own lake and has some nice gear for the lucky player. Check out the photo and see if you can locate this house. Once you find this house then open a thread in the forums or respond to this post in the comments.

The thread or comment will act as your, “claim ticket.” I will let you know when I will be back on the server and meet you in the game. The lucky player will be the new owner of this house!


Game on! -Six

p.s. Be careful around the admin compound (Hidden Lake) as our plants are not the kindest of species. 😉

Hi, I'm Jason! (aka Sixara™) I am an Old School GenX Gamer who has been gaming since my first Pong console and the rest was history!
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